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IT and Finance: Better Together

80 – 85 % of Australian IT budgets are currently being spent on BAU (business as usual) costs, leaving only 15 – 20 % for innovation and business improvement technology.

Interestingly, 80% of your business priorities are focused on growth and profit. So with only 20% to spend on the programs and platforms that are going to transform your business, how and when are you going to make your IT spend reflect your priorities?

To help you we have commissioned an independently produced guide on how you can realise the profit potential of better IT and Finance collaboration. In this guide, we provide you with insights and practical tips on how you can achieve IT and Finance cooperation to successfully reach your business goals, with the restructure of your IT budget in alignment with your business priorities.

What's in this guide?

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  • The history of IT as a "cost centre", and the shift to a "profit centre".
  • IT and Finance working together: The challenges and how to quantify joint outcomes.
  • Spending spotlight: How to shift your budget habits to reflect your priorities.
  • Techniques to manage and curate the growing demand of IT.